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Withers who remembered with affection these three foreign soldiers and their exceptional officer. =========================================================================== xmaster.com My submissions to nifty have been a little eratic xhamster japan in the last few months because hamster of my concentration on editing my second book. That is now complete and is available as an eBook to save publishers prices which I thought were very steep on my first book. If any of you would like a copy please let me know at my email address and I will see to it. exhamster chris-johns Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 hamster porno 13:23:02 +0000 From: fanara55 Subject: Egyptian Banana This story contains graphic descriptions of inter-racial bisexual acts between adults and minors. If it is illegal for you to read it in your jurisdiction then please do not do so. The story is copyright and comments should be addressed to fanara55 Lady Amanda Wellesbourne, parasol in hand, lorgnettes dangling from her neck, descended the gangway of the Nile steamer. Most of the other passengers had gone to visit a temple. Others relaxed on deck but Lady Amanda had decided to hamsterxxx go exploring. The track led her into the delightful gardens bordering hamsterporn the Nile. Tall xham palm xha trees threw dappled shadows on the ground, shielding her from the brilliant sunshine. Neat, green plots of crops lined the path, irrigation streams splashed and trickled. There were occasional irrigation wheels and rustic hovels. Surely, she thought, this is the Garden of Eden. It was while engaged in sketching one of these rustic dwellings that Lady Amanda was disturbed by a voice. "Mama?" (Egyptian boys usually address female tourists thus). Her ladyship turned round, automatically raising her lorgnettes although she had perfectly good eyesight. She was confronted by a small Egyptian https //xhamster.com boy. `What a dear little boy' she thought. With looks at the same time both innocent and impish, deep brown eyes with long eyelashes and curly hair, he was indeed xhmaster a dear little boy and he xhamster milf knew it. Like all Egyptian boys he was skilled at using his youth and attractiveness to get what he wanted out of tourists, xhamster granny exercising a perfectly balanced mixture of respect and cheekiness. "Mama? hamster porno You like see relic?" "Why yes, I would love to. Is it far?" Amanda was excited by the thought that she might find some historic remains that no-one else knew about. "Not far Mama. Ali take you?" The xhamster boy led Amanda along a path into a x master tall patch of sugar cane. After taking several side turnings xhamster japan she was confronted by a sandstone rock. It didn't look very interesting. "Mama! Look.........writing." xhamster/ Amanda bent over and peered at the rock, excited to see what appeared to be hieroglyphics. She was not to know that the locals had done these quite recently to create a tourist attraction. Peering at the inscriptions through her lorgnettes, Lady Amanda was conscious of an almost imperceptible touch on xhamster photo her bottom. She ignored it but, when it was repeated, she became aware that the boy was feeling her posterior through her thin cotton skirt. "Ali!! Stop that at once!" "But Mama! You are xhamster japan so beautiful. Please let Ali stroke you." "Certainly not! You naughty little boy, you must not speak like that to ladies." The stroking continued. "Mama? You like to kiss Ali?" xhamaster "No, I would not like to kiss Ali. You must stop this behaviour at once!" "Please Mama, just a little kiss." Amanda thought that giving the boy a kiss might stop him from annoying her. 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Come Mama. I will take you back to the xhampster.com boat." Amanda had difficulty in walking but knew she must act normally when she got in sight of the steamer. Just before she reached it the boy spoke: "Mama? Baksheesh?" Lady Amanda placed one of the tattered notes of the local currency in his grubby little hand. He continued to hold his hand xhamster mature out and it was not until she had given him five Egyptian pounds that he was satisfied. She watched as the boy walked away, turning to blow her an impish kiss and, summoning up the resolve of xhamsters videos years of aristocratic breeding, stalked haughtily up the gangplank. Fortunately her husband was engaged in conversation at the bar and she was able to reach the sanctuary of her cabin unobserved. Calling for the room boy, she stripped off her cum-drenched knickers xhamster stories and other garments, quite unbothered by the fact that she was naked in front of him.. "Here, Mohammed! Laundry! Chop-chop! Yalla!" *** *** *** Lord Henry Wellesbourne had also avoided the almost obligatory temple visit that morning. He had x hamster.com opted to relax on deck with a book. At ten-thirty he descended to his cabin, xhamster tube stripped off to his silken under-drawers and lay down on the bed. Five minutes later the door opened and the room boy entered. He apologised and made freeporn to withdraw but Lord Henry beckoned him in. As the boy started to tidy the room, the Englishman turned over on his belly. Despite his fifty years he had a fine physique. Sculptured by lots of time spent xhamster porn indulging in those country sports which require the pursuit and killing of helpless animals, his arse was particularly magnificent. The boy, Mohammed, his passions xhamster photos already inflamed by the sight of Lady Amanda changing her hamster.com clothes in front of him and an examination of the pool of cum in her knickers, sprouted xhamsters videos an immediate xhamster porno erection. Sent xhamster .com to hamster sex boarding school at the age of eight, xhamster photos Henry had soon become accustomed to a male-orientated life of cold baths, rough games, buggery and flagellation. In short, he was a typical, upper-class Englishman. After leaving his Military Academy, Henry's father had bought him a commission in a smart regiment. Sodomised in the Sudan, buggered in Bengal and penetrated xhamaster by eager Pathan boys on North-west Frontier, his Army service had taught him that the forbidden vice, which was indulged in so surreptitiously and at great risk in England, was practised openly and enthusiastically in other parts of the world. xhamster jepang Of course, this was many years before the rise of extremist religious ideas spoilt the fun. Henry got up and stood xhamster mature by the xhamster mom window while Mohammed changed the bed-clothes. There was https //xhamster.com/ no deck xhamster porno outside free xhamster his cabin, which looked onto the wide expanse of the Nile, dotted with flocks of birds and the occasional fishing boat xhamster mobile or felucca. He let his left arm dangle, palm facing backwards and slightly cupped. It was the age-old Egyptian invitation. Mohammed went to the window and stood beside him, his groin just touching Henry's palm. "Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?" he enquired. Lord Henry moved his hand slightly backwards while Mohammed pressed his groin forward. The aristocrat was now cupping the boy's genitals in his hand. He felt an almost imperceptible hand brush his silk clad posterior. A voice whispered, " You like?" "Aywa." muttered his Lordship as the hand caressed his curvaceous globes more boldly, cupping them through the xhamster indonesia silken garment. The hand reached round and undid Henry's drawstring and his knickers fell to the floor. The boy clasped him round the waist and he felt his stiff Egyptian penis xhamster categories through the cloth of Mohammed's gown. Henry went over and sat on the bed. The boy stood in front xmaster.com of xhamster pictures him and hoisted his xhamster xxx gown. "Look, Sir! Egyptian banana!" Henry opened his mouth and the boy moved forward, his donkey-like appendage touching the Englishman's lips. Henry licked up and down the shaft, then laved the heavy xhamster free testicles with his tongue. Taking the engorged head between his lips, the Englishman slid his lips up and down its length while exerting a well-practised suction. After xmaster half a minute he was rewarded by xhamter a deluge of thick, lumpy xhamsterlive liquid as the Egyptian ejaculated into his mouth. The boy pulled out and Henry placed a pillow under his hips and lay belly down on the bed, his legs wide apart. 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Tomorrow, he intended to sample Mohammed's own rather delicious behind. *** *** *** After an arduous day's sightseeing, the Honourable Miss Victoria Wellesbourne and her younger sister Letitia were relaxing on xhmaster their beds, prior to bathing and dressing for dinner. They were talking about boys. "You know my friend xhamster japanese Anne, who is in my dorm at Roedean, Titty?" "You have mentioned her, Vicky." "She told freeporn us that Egyptian boys are xham very big......you know...........down below." "Really? How does she know xxx hamster that?" "She found a book in her father's library, written by some old explorer. Burton, I think his name was. xhamster deutsch Also she said that Egyptian girls have to get gay xhamster married at twelve and before they get married they have bits xhamter of flesh sliced off their cunnies by old women." "How horrid, Vicky! Those xhamster pics poor girls! I cannot bear to think about it." "Anne says that when you get married, your husband's thing swells xhamster gay up and gets stiff and then you must let him climb on top of you and put it in your cunny." "Surely not, Vicky? That is disgusting!" "I know, but Anne says that is how babies are made." "Babies? Surely porno they are found under gooseberry bushes? Mama told me so. I would never let my husband do such a thing to me." "Anne says that after the first time, ladies enjoy it very much. She says it feels like when you....er....you know.......frig yourself." "Frig? I've never heard of that word. What does it mean, Vicky?" " You mean you don't frig yourself yet? All the girls in my dorm do it after 'lights out'. Sometimes we frig each other." "How do you do it, Vicky?" "You put a hamster xxx finger in your cunnie and play with xhampster it." "You really are disgusting, Vicky. I would never touch my cunnie except to wash it. What would Mama say if she knew you did dirty things like that." " Anne says all ladies do it, even after they are married." "Even the Queen?" The idea that the dumpy, unsmiling Queen Victoria, Empress of the largest Empire the world had ever known, frigged herself was unthinkable. xhamster odir "She does it all the time, while she's thinking of Albert." "But why, Vicky?" "Because, darling, it induces the most pleasurable sensation xhamster video you could ever imagine. It's called 'cumming'" "Are you sure I would like it if I did it?" "Of course. All girls like it. Emily told us that she let one of the stable-boys do it to her." "Oooh! How naughty xxx xhamster of her!" "Would xhamster .com you like hamsterx porn me to show you how to do it, Titty?" "We...ll.......I don't know. Perhaps I'll just watch." "All right. I will xhamster spanking show you how it is xhamster porn done." Fourteen year-old Vicky pulled up the silk slip which, apart from her knickers, was all she was wearing in the afternoon heat. 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I'm xhamster de leaving my knickers off." "But you can't! Tayib will be in the same room." " He won't know, will he? Anyway, it will be so deliciously naughty not wearing knickers while he is here. Why don't you take yours off as well?" "No! That xhams is really disgusting, Vicky! Well...............it is rather hot........s'pose I could leave them off." There was a soft knock at the cabin door and Tayib entered. He https //xhamster.com was the captain's son and hamsterxxx , being educated, was employed to teach Arabic to the tourists. He was fourteen years old and this was his second season on Mr xhamster desi Cook's Nile Steamers. This lesson xhamster free porn was to be devoted to learning the names of parts porno xhamster of the x hamster body. After they had xhamster indian practised eyes, noses arms and so xhamster geschichten on Vicky daringly pointed at the boy's crotch. " What is that called, Tayib?" Tayib xhamster stories was unsurprised. Tourists often asked him this. 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